Real Stories about Real People

Our lives. You can't make this stuff up.

Pâté Productions, Ltd. came into existence as the result of a short story written by a 15 year old. A love story about an older couple that explored the choices we make when life cheats us out of time. A story that needed to be shared on film.

We believe that we cannot anticipate what we cannot imagine so our strategy is to ask the audience to enter into the world of “what if”. We  approach each story looking for what we don’t know, what we can explore together. As filmmakers we creates stories that resonate with and encourage people to have their own spiritual journey. 

Our projects have a positive world view and explore themes that challenge and entertain us. We are firm believers that within the fabric of these stories lies our collective experience as a culture. Our aim is to produce thought provoking faith based projects as well as projects that touch the Baby Boomers. We want to challenge our audiences and invite them to look within  as they visit the social and cultural issues embodied in our films. We are storytellers and realize that within the fabric of these stories lie our collective experience as a culture.

Our ultimate goal after creation is to bring these works to theatres where audiences can experience and enjoy the fruits of our collaborative labors.

published by Pat Patterson, President